Love Above: Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding planning can often be a perplexing, stressful time, and choosing the right photographer always adds to the confusion- there are literally thousands of options to choose from! To help ease the insanity, we've compiled a list of commonly posed questions below, and hope you find exactly what you're looking for! If you have any questions or concerns not addressed below, simply send us a message, and we'd love to have a chat!

How many photographers are there? How do I know who's going to shoot my wedding?

We have three primary photographers: our founders (Josh and Johnny) and Bonnie. All images displayed on this site have been taken across over 50+ weddings between the three of them.

Operating as a duo, rest assured that your wedding will be photographed by a combination of two out of our three photographers- we will NEVER send another person to cover your wedding!

To meet the team, do check out the ABOUT US tab in the menu. 

How can you afford to keep your pricing so competitive? What's the catch? 

Our pricing does often indeed raise a few eyebrows- I mean, where else can you find BOTH photography and video for just $5000?


The catch is... THERE ISN'T ONE! The reason our packages are priced the way they are is that, through our experience in the industry, we realise that often couples have had to sacrifice quality to accommodate their budget, thereby robbing them of the service and experience that their special day deserves. 

Hence, Love Above was created to provide all couples across Victoria with an unmatched exuberance in wedding photography, competitively priced to ensure fitting a budget is the least of your concerns. These are your memories after all, and it should be preserved EXACTLY the way you want it. 

How many photos will we get? How will you deliver the photos?

We cater to any and all types of weddings- from intimate elopements to celebrations consisting of hundreds of guests, and so this question is often a tricky one to answer. 

On average, you can expect to receive anywhere between 60-120 photos per hour of the duration booked for, all expertly edited and delivered in HD via USB, as well as an online digital album. 

What is the turnaround for photos?

For small weddings, you can expect to have all the photos ready within 3-5 days, with the USB either being posted or delivered within a week of your wedding.

For larger weddings, you can expect to have a sample of 50-100 photos ready for you within just 24 hours of your wedding, with the final digital album ready within 10 business days. The USB will typically be posted or delivered around the same time the online album is ready. 

What is the turnaround for the final video?

Depending on the package, typically your final video will be ready within 20-30 days of your wedding- with a USB sent out on the same day an online viewing link is provided. 

I've heard of horror stories whereby the photographer's memory card corrupts, hence losing all the photos. What will happen if this occurs?

Precisely one of the reasons of why we operate as a duo- we constantly backup all the images throughout the day, and only use cameras with dual card slots to ensure, in the unlikely event our premium grade memory cards do corrupt, that there is always a second and third copy saved somewhere. 

In the event all the photos are indeed lost due to unforeseen situations (eg. theft, natural disaster etc), a suitable refund will be organised. 

Do you guys travel? Are there any travel costs?

We take great pride in being one of the few photographers who service ALL of Victoria, from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne City, the scenic views of the Yarra Ranges, to the country communities across the state. For locations within Metropolitan Melbourne and surrounds, we charge no additional travel fees whatsoever- we are quite flexible, and typically travel fees only apply in the event the location is quite a substantive distance away (eg. Bairnsdale, Echuca, etc)

In recent years we have had the pleasure of photographing weddings outside our beautiful state, including destination weddings as far as Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur! We have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the wedding cultures of these different cities, and are open to many more destination weddings ahead. Additional fees do apply, simply get in touch, and we'd love to discuss more!