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Co-Founders and partners of Love Above

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you so much for checking out our site, and we are so grateful to be considered for your special day.

Let us introduce ourselves!

Meeting in 2017, our friendship stemmed from a mutual passion and appreciation for the photographic arts, with both of us having extensive backgrounds in multiple avenues of photography, from newborns, events, and our favourite- weddings.

There was just something about weddings, perhaps the elegant, yet at times chaotic milieu of such an occasion, that made us fall more and more in love with capturing the perfect moments that only a wedding can bring about.


Loving a good celebration, it wasn't long until we decided to amalgamate our talents, and bring Love Above to life.

We devote 100% of our efforts to ensure not only the very best photos are captured, but also strive to enhance your day in any way possible- from jumping into rivers for the best angles, to spending half an hour personally cleaning the bride's dress after some wet weather!

Over the years, what was once just a duo has grown into a tight-knit family, with additional photographers, assistants, and even a videography team jumping on board, with the mission to deliver a first-class service to your celebration.

Thank you so much for stopping by our website, do get in touch, let's chat, and we'd love to curate the perfect package for you!

Much love xx
Josh & Johnny


Meet the Team!


Johnny Nguyen

One half of the Love Above partnership, Johnny pairs the creative vision of a seasoned photographer with the technical expertise of a civil engineer, culminating into a unique style of cinematography. Having photographed weddings for the better part of the last decade, rest assured your special day will be perfectly preserved through Johnny's experienced vision.


Josh Tay

With countless weddings photographed, Josh forms the second half of the Love Above partnership. The most vocal of the team, Josh is known for his knack for directing large crowds- making those huge family photos a piece a cake! Having an eye for those blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, he leaves no stone unturned, capturing every moment to be remembered in the years to come. 


Bonnie Jarret

Joining the Love Above family in 2019, Bonnie holds the position of the third primary photographer. Always at the right place at the right time, she specialises in capturing pure candid moments- expertly preserving every heartfelt memory. Her extensive experience has culminated into a  highly adaptable style of photography, making her perfect for any and all celebrations. 

The Video Squad

Exuding the very best of creative film making, the Love Above videography team is somewhat of a hidden gem. 

With the most common question posed to Josh and Johnny being "hey, do you guys do video too?", the duo quickly realised the allure of providing both services at the same, luxury standard of specialist services. 

Having made their mark across multiple creative industries, whether it be content creation, creative cinema, or in fine art, the team of Pia, Jason, Von, and Tiani soon formed the Love Above videography team. 

Since then, what was known as a photography-only brand has blossomed into one of Melbourne's most sought-after wedding day experiences, capturing any and all intricacies to the finest detail. 

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